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Our firm can handle all aspects of your foreclosure surplus case, from filing the paperwork correctly and promptly, to representing you against the government and/or bank liens, including second mortgages.

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Frequently asked questions

How Did You Find This Money?

We audit different government agencies on a regular basis for unclaimed funds due to citizens like yourself.

How Did You Find Me?

We are Registered to work directly with these counties and perform audits on the public records. This allows us access to the information we need to reach out to you.

Can I file my own claim?

Absolutely. Though the benefits of working with us is that we have done this process successfully time and time again, and built relationships within the counties that we work in to help expedite the process as best we can.

How do I know i'm not getting scamed?

We don't request any of your own data. Our responsibility is to just educate individuals on cash they are really qualified for and we help them with recording the case. We won't ever request any cash front and center, and urge you to stay away from any resource recuperation specialists requiring upfront installment to help you retrieve funds with the state. Not just will we handle your case with extreme attention to detail and polished methodology, however we are needed to follow the lawful and moral commitments set somewhere near the State.

What is a Tax Deed Sale?

A Tax Deed sale is much like a foreclosure sale, except instead of failing to pay a mortgage, one has failed to pay taxes. Therefore, the County sets the property for auction in a tax deed sale. A third party comes and bids on the property and the highest bid wins. The main difference between a mortgage foreclosure sale and a tax deed sale is that most people owe significantly less in taxes and therefore, there are generally much higher surplus amounts in the tax deed sales. Now, if there are surplus funds from a tax deed sale, other lien holders can come and try to make a claim to these funds. If there is any dispute as to who is entitled to the funds, the Clerk of the County initiates an Interpleader action in order for the Court to determine who is entitled to the surplus. This is a case matter that can require years whenever done inappropriately.


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